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Employers & Recruiters:

Since 2006, BioTechPharmJobs has been sourcing qualified candidates for BioTech Pharma Clinical Research Life Sciences Employers. Our pricing is simple. Each job is $150 with no expiration date. Should you wish to remove the listing after the job is filled, please contact us.

Starting in 2018, Employers can now post VIDEO JOB SNIPPETS along with their job descriptions on BioTechPharmJobs. Videos must be posted to YouTube, Vimeo, etc with the embed code sent to us. Ideally no longer than 40 seconds in length is recommended.

VIDEO JOB SNIPPETS should contain:
• Why Should The Candidate Work For You? (10 seconds)
• A little about the company and culture (10 seconds)
• Essential Skill Sets required for the job (10 seconds)
• Relocation and other benefits for non-local candidates (5 seconds)
• How to apply (5 seconds)

Step 1)  Please complete the form below. If you have a VIDEO JOB SNIPPET Video – please include your embed code with the job description below. Please make sure your iframe width=”635″ height=”357″ – otherwise it won’t fit
Step 2)  You will be Re-Directed to our Payment Page (PayPal)
Step 3)  After payment, you will be Re-Directed back to BioTechPharmJobs and your job will be posted on BioTechPharmJobs for our Candidates to respond to. This process may be instant or up to 72 hours depending on volume.

Here’s a great Video Careers Snippet by Rambus:

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Job Information
Place 30 second video of job or company. Please make sure your iframe width="635" height="357"
Company Information
For example: "Chicago", "London", "Anywhere" or "Telecommute".