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Online Video Interviews

BioTechPharmJobs - BioTech Pharmaceutical Job Video Pre-Screening Candidate Assessment Tools BioTechPharmJobs Video Interviews powered by HireVue

Executive Summary
With BioTechPharmJobs Online Video Interviews powered by HireVue, we know that the process of interviewing and selecting candidates can be challenging, costly and inefficient. That’s why we’ve worked with leading recruiters to develop an innovative streaming video service to manage the candidate interview process wherever they are. Many BioTechPharmJobs clients are using BioTechPharmJobs Online Video Interviews powered by HireVue to simplify the interviewing process while also significantly reducing associated costs.

No Time Zones, No Scheduling
Each of the BioTechPharmJobs Online Video Interviews powered by HireVue are taken by your candidates on their own time but within your time parameters. You can view and evaluate HireVues any time, any place and not have to worry about time zones and scheduling in setting up first interviews. You can review interviews from your easy chair at home or in your office and be able to select the few candidates you want to advance to the next interviewing round.

“Tivo for the Job Interview"
BioTechPharmJobs Online Video Interviews powered by HireVue enhances the interview experience by providing a faster, more cost-effective way to visually connect the candidate with your hiring manager. Think “TiVo” for the job interview saving your line managers and recruiter’s time and your company money. Using HireVue you can view, at your convenience, recorded video clips of your candidates responding to interview questions before face to face interviews. With HireVue, more information about a candidate can be gathered earlier in the hiring process leading to a more informed and successful hiring decision.

Standardized Interviews
BioTechPharmJobs Online Video Interviews powered by HireVue is completely standardized for each requisition as pre-screened candidates are all asked the same questions. Consistency in evaluation is encouraged through our rating and comment section. Since interviews taken by candidates are recorded in the HireVue system, you or your hiring managers and colleagues can evaluate a HireVue any time, any place you have internet access.

How BioTechPharmJobs Online Video Interviews powered by HireVue Works

Our Online Video Interview Candidate Assessment and Pre-Screening tool allows you to create online interviews that can be taken by candidates in their homes, at your office or at any college campus.

After designing a HireVue, the interview can be conducted in three possible ways:

1. HireVue On-Site - Candidates visit a predetermined location of your choice (e.g. your office) and take the HireVue online at a HireVue enabled computer
2. HireVue Off-Site - HireVue will send a webcam to your candidates and the HireVue is taken by the candidate in the comfort of their own home
3. HireVue Campus Network - At a Career Center, a recruiter can design and post a request for interviews and invite students to take the HireVue on campus to broaden the recruiting net

The screenshot below shows the HireVue evaluation console. The hiring authority sees the results of the interview, watches the candidates’ responses and is able to enter comments and rank candidates.

Screenshot of BioTechPharmJobs Candidate Video Assessment Tool powered by HireVue

The HireVue results are sent to the hiring authority via a link in an email, and secure username and password. The candidates on the right can be a mix of candidates from all over the world or local applicants. By clicking on the candidate, the video clip begins to play in the viewer window. The viewer can click through the candidates to view all responses or answers to specific questions. Video interviews can only be viewed through the proprietary HireVue interview evaluator, helping ensure each candidate’s privacy.

BioTechPharmJobs Online Video Interviews powered by HireVue Facts
The HireVue is completely standardized as all candidates are asked the same questions and evaluated in the same manner through a rating, and/or comment section provided for your use to evaluate the candidate.

During the HireVue, candidates have 30 seconds to read questions and up to 2 minutes to respond to video questions. Candidates do not have the opportunity to re-record or modify their responses as HireVue is designed to mirror a real interview.

Since HireVues are taken by candidates and recorded and stored by HireVue, a hiring manager can evaluate an interview at any time, go back for up to one year and re-visit an interview and re-use interviews for future positions, all online via HireVue’s ASP service.

HireVue Off-Site interviews can be conducted within 72 hours as webcams are shipped on two day air express. HireVue On-Site interviews can be taken immediately by candidates as they are added. HireVue also provides 24-hour support and service to our candidates around the world.

The Benefits of Using BioTechPharmJobs Online Video Interviews powered by HireVue

HireVue will benefit your company and your candidates.

• Deliver value to your line managers and recruiters by saving valuable interview and pre-screening time
• Give your candidates the opportunity to “shine” and stand out
• Make a better match with manager requests by giving managers the tool to better evaluate their candidates
• Enhanced ability to readily see more candidates
• Greatly reduce the costs associated with candidate travel as they can take HireVues wherever they are located

Line Hiring Managers & Recruiters
• Have the ability to login at their convenience to watch and evaluate interviews
• Evaluate and interview more candidates to find the best fit
• Maximize staffing agency accountability and saving money by having them bring candidates through HireVue and not just send resumes
• Standardize the interview and evaluation process
• Shorten the time between requisition and placement by being able to connect with candidates faster

• Demonstrate their passion, energy, and enthusiasm that cannot be conveyed to companies through a resume
• Have the opportunity to interview with your company and to distinguish themselves from other candidates submitting resumes
• Not be limited by geographic constraints enabling them to interview with your company without travel

Please contact Rob Salerno at 646-320-5162 or email rob(at)BioTechPharmJobs.com for a consultation today. Rob is an authorized sales agent for HireVue to the BioTech Pharmaceutical Clinical Healthcare Recruitment industry. Pricing is specially packaged for subscribers to BioTechPharmJobs and our clients. Currently, we offer the following packages:

  • 25 Interviews - Package A

  • 50 Interviews - Package B

  • 100 Interviews - Package C

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