BioTechPharmJobs - How To Find A Job In Clinical Research

What Skills Do You Need for a Great Job in Clinical Research?

BioTechPharmJobs - How To Find A Job In Clinical Research

BioTechPharmJobs – How To Find A Job In Clinical Research

What Skills Do You Need for a Great Job in Clinical Research?

If you’re looking for a great job in clinical research, then you need to know what to expect and how to perform. Learn more about the skills required to earn a position in this field.

Do you picture yourself in a lab, wearing your crisp white lab jacket? Test tubes, and beakers all around you? Making important discoveries for new and interesting cures or answers to medical issues in our lives?

If you have a love of research and medicine, you could consider a career in the area of clinical research as a career path. It is a vital part of medicine for discovering safety and effectiveness of products, devices, and treatments.

As a clinical researcher, you will make enormous contributions. This applies to the area of healthcare sciences that can potentially improve hundreds, if not thousands of lives. It is very rewarding and challenging work, and also in demand.

Let’s take a closer look at what skills are needed to perform clinical research.

What is Clinical Research?

The term clinical research can be used describe several different areas of scientific investigation. This branch of research involves human participants and helps discover the next step for new drugs, devices, or treatment before they are released or approved for general use.

It is very important for finding the effectiveness of new treatments and medications. It’s also important for answering questions regarding the causes of illness and trying to find ways to cure, detect, and prevent them.


You can approach this field from many backgrounds, but its recommended you have some kind of clinical knowledge and experience. A strong background in medicine, medical knowledge or nursing is certainly preferred.

A bachelor’s degree is great, a master’s degree is even better. You will be conducting tests on actual patients with trial treatments and products.

Undergraduate degree programs like a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Research are a great way to meet the requirements for the entry-level research position.

For people who already have a degree in areas like nursing, for example, you can move on to a certificate or diploma in clinical research. These types of programs will tighten the focus on what type of work you will be doing.

It’s important to have some knowledge and experience heading into a program like this. Understanding what it is like to monitor and care for patients and the medical terminology is vital.

If you have a background in the medical field, it is much easier to continue on into the field of research. If you don’t, however, you can begin at any time to start developing the required skills and education needed.


While the job requirements may seem to be quite standard, there are several hard and soft skills needed to cover the many areas of the job. Education and experience are great, but you also need people skills, customer service skills and communication abilities.

If you think you have the skills to advance your career in clinical research, there may still be some areas you want to improve. It can be competitive and you want to be prepared.

Some helpful skills include:

  • Medicine development: This can cover areas such as how drugs are developed, tested and regulated.
  • Medical Terminology and Procedures: These skills will help you get into a great training program. They can also help in the field of research. It is vital you know what terminology to use, what procedures are acceptable and what are not.
  • Site Study and Management: This knowledge is important for conducting the trial tests correctly. It’s also important for understanding the financial, personal and operational areas.
  • Active Learning: As this is an ever-changing and challenging field, you must be able to listen, learn and adapt. Things may change quickly and you must be able to adjust your thinking and process.
  • Communication: It is very important for the lines of communication to be open and clear. This means with the patients, the sponsor, the site, and your co-workers and peers.
  • Professionalism and Ethical Care: This skill is a must. It will help you cover all areas of clinical research. Safety, respect, decorum, all conducted with an open mind and adhering to the standards and guidelines of the clinical trial.
  • Research and Design: It might seem obvious, but knowing how to properly do research is a great skill. It can save a lot of time, money and undue stress, not to mention potential harm and danger to the patients. Understanding how to research and analyze that research is very important and not always something that comes naturally.
  • Patience: Clinical research can take a long time. It’s common to have delays, postponements, and setbacks. There are other issues that can arise, like funding, incorrect data, and other human factors.
  • Multi-Tasking: There are many hats to be worn in clinical research and you must be able to jump in and do all aspects of the job. Being a team player is part of multi-tasking and will be a great asset to you and to the research team.
  • Decision Maker: The ability to think quickly is a great skill to have. The ability to know when to continue or cease testing may be something that falls in your job description. It could be human aspects, or maybe due to funding or time restraints. It’s important for you to be prepared for difficulties and be able to make decisions, and justify them if needed.

A good educational program or related experience are both great ways to develop the skills needed for this job.

Is This a Field for You?

A career in clinical research can be extremely rewarding and provides a great deal of job satisfaction. You will be helping people, but also be on the cutting edge of new medications or treatments.

If clinical research is a field you are considering, take the first step and Register A Profile on BioTechPharmJobs and post a video profile. Don’t be afraid to market yourself and use BioTechPharmJobs to get noticed by Clinical Research Employers.

It is not only a great way to earn a nice living but also to contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge.

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