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We offer two formats for our HR Interview:

1)    Online (No Cost) – Here is your opportunity to give some insight on what your prospective candidate can expect from day one. It’s a simple Q&A (MS Word) via email that takes very little time to complete. You have the option of discussing any of our 7 primary HR topics: Retention, Relocation, Safety, Compliance, Training, Staffing/Recruiting, and Compensation as they may pertain to your company or you can create your own questions and answers. Mix and match topics. Pick those questions you wish to talk about. There is no chance of being misquoted.

2)    On-Air (Please email us for rates) – We interview you through a live RSS Podcast through our partner This would provide you with a dedicated recording and URL of your responses that can accessible through iTunes and/or any RSS Feed. Here you can discuss your current openings and answer questions that are pre-determined so that you will be prepared to answer them before going on-air.

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